The Films

Our NC wedding videos are handcrafted and tailored to each unique individual. You can take comfort in knowing that we will spend the necessary time planning and crafting your wedding video. Our wedding videos are focused towards a cinematic, storytelling style and include the necessary components to artistically capture your day in a meaningful, complete feature film. We only take on a limited number of wedding videos each year, so we can give each client our full creative attention and efforts. Our collections offer a variety of options and are presented in the highest, professional quality. We find that it is best to first chat with potential clients via phone or in person to ensure the best fit for our clients needs and allow for a full understanding of our services and the clients expectations. To discuss your wedding day and our services, please contact us.

The Filmmakers


Jeff & Amanda

Husband Wife Wedding VideographersWe are a husband wife wedding videography team. We are silly, serious, talented, calming, and collected. Jeff Brewer Films first started with Jeff (of course). Over the years of being by his side, Amanda began learning and growing to become a vital part of what is now “the perfect duo.” Together they share a wealth of knowledge ranging from the technical and creative aspects of cinematography to the everyday client relationship that is so important for cultivating a great story.



Technical and Creative Extraordinaire

Jeff Brewer Wedding VideographerThroughout my childhood I always enjoyed tinkering with a video camera and creating my own movies. However, I did not immediately realize the strength of my passion for Wedding Videography. My career began in Charlotte as a Mechanical Engineer until junior year in college. As fate would have it, I realized my desire to pursue being a wedding videographer as a lifestyle. I transferred schools to UNC Greensboro and obtained a degree in Film and Video Production.
I am a calm, level-headed individual who enjoys meeting new, unique people and finding friendship with all who surround me. I have an interesting sense of humor that often leaves others laughing while at the same time feeling a bit perplexed. I like to challenge myself daily by teaching myself many new things, some of which include, animation, graphic design, web design, and guitar. In addition to learning new things, I enjoy educating my colleagues and friends more on how to create artistic Wedding Videos. I get a great sense of purpose and passion through education, so if you want to know anything about video, take a shot and I would be happy to educate.



Relationship Expert

Amanda Brewer Wedding VideographerI would have never imagined being a part of one of the top wedding video companies in North Carolina, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My career began as a counseling professional. I received my Master’s degree in College Counseling and really enjoyed the path I was on. The one thing holding me back was the need for a stronger relationship with our son Landon and quality time with Jeff. After many years of being a “reviewer” of Jeff’s films I began realizing my love and talent for wedding videography. I made the plunge and went full-time with Jeff, knowing that together we would be an incredible team and could cultivate the life we both wanted for us and our family.
My skillset lies in the ability to work with clients. This allows us to form a relationship to help in learning all about the small details that will make a great wedding story. I have watched and learned extensively from Jeff, so I can offer a second perspective in covering your wedding day completely. These skills allow us to have a unique set of talents so that we can form together an incredible team for capturing your story.

Husband Wife Videographers

As the Owners and Lead Wedding Videographers you can be certain that your day is important to us, so take comfort in knowing that we will be your personal wedding videographers and friends. Through this relationship, we will be able to craft a wedding film that fits your personality, tells your stories, and connects with you and your loved ones on a deeper level. We would love to know more about you and perhaps you’re still interested in knowing more about us; so contact us and we will get in touch in a jiffy.

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