Hannah + Zach

Dance the night away at this Milton Rhodes Wedding

Hannah and Zach’s wedding was a night to remember, to say the least. Their day was wrapped in love from friends and family, memories, and endless dancing. We had a blast hanging out by their side, capturing all these amazing memories throughout the weekend.

The day for the girls began at Hannah’s parent’s house. The girls were able to relax while having hair and makeup done in the comfort of their beloved friend’s home. There was plenty of laughter, memorable stories, and beautification. It’s always fun to navigate the unique challenges every space throws at us and we used the generous amounts of sunlight and open den to our advantage for some truly stunning shots of this fun group getting ready.

Meanwhile, Zach and his guys opted for a pad at the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel in downtown Winston-Salem. Of course, there was the useful gut-punching, verbal jabs us guys throw at each other, but a surprising, heart-warming aspect was the kindness shared freely and openly with each other. These guys really have created a strong, brother-like bond with each other and weren’t afraid to share their generosity of compliments with one another.

After the guys got into their dapper outfits and the girls looked stunning as expected, it was time to make their separate voyages to the lovely First Presbyterian Church in downtown Winston-Salem. This wasn’t our first rodeo at this immaculate Church, as you may remember Maredith and Andrew’s wedding there back in 2015.

Luckily I wasn’t the one responsible for capturing Zach’s reaction when he saw Hannah coming down the aisle because I would have totally lost it and bawled like a baby. I put Amanda on that task and like me, she loves it when a groom isn’t afraid to express to love and emotion that wells up, waiting to burst out into tears of joy. Zach’s reaction was absolutely priceless and it was apparent that he has a deep love toward Hannah.

Oh, did you check out those florals?

My goodness, the florals, decor, and attention to detail were immaculate. And guess what? It was all created by Hannah’s mom along with a few other women from the church! You go girls! They successfully transformed both the church and Milton Rhodes into a garden of beauty and fragrant delight.

After they said their “I do’s” and smooched a bit, it was time to make our way downtown for group and couple photos. Anderson Shore picked out a flawless spot full of texture and cityscape. Nice job, Anderson! Of course, I always abuse lens flare when I get the chance, so the setting sun combined with the brick walls made my day super easy.

Let’s party!

I had a strong suspicion this crowd would dance their faces off and if anything, I vastly underestimated them. Maybe it was the awesome band, celebratory spirit of marriage, or a combination therein, but these guys knew how to cut a rug.

Perhaps my favorite part throughout the dancing was seeing Hannah’s grandfather, Herb (love that name), dancing in full tux with stylish sunglasses, a smile as wide as the moon, and his lovely bride, Fleta (super cute) by his side. My heart grew three sizes bigger in that moment.

Whoa, are those donuts, on a platter?

Krispy Kreme Wedding Donuts

Did you get a load of that guy’s reaction upon seeing those donuts! Haha, that absolutely cracked me up, not because of his reaction solely, but because I had the exact same reaction when I saw the waitress round a corner with that shining silver platter of Krispy Kreme goodness.

Is that Jon Voight’s car?

As an avid Seinfeld lover, I about fell over when I not only saw their getaway car but heard the story behind the owner of the car. A friend of the family not only bought a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron but had a legit pencil in the glove compartment that he had gotten Jon Voight to embed teeth marks into. Hilarious!

Ah, and so it comes to an end. This day was pure joy and we are forever thankful toward Hannah and Zach for allowing us to be a part of capturing every bit of it. We wish you many, many years of love and happiness.

The pros who made this day possible:

Band – Crystal Clear Band
Cake – Tart Sweets
Caterer – Fives Loaves Catering
Ceremony Venue – First Presbyterian Church
Hair/Makeup – Carla White
Photographer – Anderson Shore Photography
Reception Venue – Milton Rhodes Center

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Libby + Richard

An Angus Barn Wedding Full of Emotion and Laughter

Brace yourself for a sweet, emotional, and fun-filled cultural experience.

Angus Barn Wedding

Libby and Richard got married at the lovely Angus Barn Pavilion and they have completely stolen our hearts. Their kindness, sentiment, and ability to let loose and party made for a memorable wedding day and one of our favorite wedding videos in the Raleigh area.

Libby’s day started off relaxing with her bridesmaids and mom at an Air BnB. She was given a lottery scratch off card as a sign of good luck and she managed to rack up a whopping $5. Hey, I’d be happy too. Libby decided to have her bridesmaids wear a traditional school style dresses in order for her to feel like a true queen for the day. They were devoted “servants” all day and had fun helping their good friend celebrate her day.

Meanwhile, the guys tried to hurt each other via ping pong. Seriously.

The game was simple, hit a ping pong ball as hard as you can at the other guy with their shirt lifted up. What could go wrong? I think the kittens caught on to the vibe and decided to wrestle around a bit as well. But don’t let their “manly” exterior fool you, they are all soft hearted on the inside.

One super special touch to their day was the fact that Libby hand-knitted Richard’s tie. How. Stinkin. Cute. Well done, Libby.

Wooden Wedding Rings

Speaking of unique touches, did you get a look at those rings? Notice anything different about them? They’re wooden! That’s right wood rings. What awesome craftsmanship and unique rendition of the traditional wedding ring.


We’ve seen numerous first looks over the years and love how it can be a nice way to relieve your nerves and get some fantastic wedding photos in before the day gets up to full speed. Libby totally surprised Richard with their first look and her excitement was contagious. They loved having this moment together to take in each other’s attire and experience their day to come.

Angus Barn Bride

And this is where I begin to lose it…

Their vows. Y’all. I can’t even. Every word was pouring with emotion, care, and love. Hand-written vows are most definitely my favorite and when written and delivered perfectly without holding back on emotion, it is so powerful. You can truly feel the bond being created and strengthened between these two. My heart swells and I can’t help but share in this moment with tears of joy. On top of that, I always have a tight shot during the ceremony to capture any and all emotion, so I feel as though I am witnessing something magical from a close, intimate perspective.

Wardrobe change

Angus Barn Wedding Ceremony

Libby and Richard wanted to incorporate traditional attire into their day, so they both headed for their changing rooms to swap over to a new outfit. Libby’s red dress was gorgeous, as expected, and Richard’s hat really set off his outfit. Stylin.

After checking out each other’s new attire, it was time for their big entrance. They really made a bang with their choreographed dance. You could tell they had spent hours working on their dance and the result was perfection. Great moves, guys!

After seeing the wedding couples moves, it was time for the rest of the party to join in and break it down to the sweet beats of DJ Randy B. We love working with Randy as he is extremely talented, professional, and always has some snazzy cufflinks.

Let’s roll out…literally.

Wedding Wheelbarrow Exit

This was a first, but definitely not a surprise considering Libby and Richard’s silliness and fullness of life. Richard rolled Libby out through bubbles in a wheelbarrow. Yes, a wheelbarrow. I was dying laughing and loving every minute of it as the illuminated wheel of steel rolled right out of the barn and towards their getaway vehicle. What a great way to end the night!

Libby, Richard, never lose your thirst for life. Live every day to the fullest as I know you will and keep on loving each other to the furthest extents. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day with us!

Pros that made this day possible:

Catering/Venue – The Pavilion at the Angus Barn
DJ – Randy Bennett of Bunn DJ
Florals – The Watered Garden
Hair – Posh The Salon
Makeup – Onloktion Makeup
Photo Booth – Classic Carolina Photo Booths
Photographer – Paul Seiler
Planner – Sally Oakley

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Sarah + Markus

Cozy NC Mountain Wedding Getaway

Inn at Crestwood Lodge SkyWedding Ceremony Cute Sign

Sarah and Markus got married in the late spring at the gorgeous Inn at Crestwood. This lovely NC mountain wedding venue is a retreat close to Boone, NC. After winding up and down several roads, we arrived to be greeted by a breathtaking overlook of endless sky and mountain forests. We have been overjoyed with excitement and anticipation of Sarah and Markus’ wedding day and they certainly did not let us down.

An intimate gathering

Wedding Dog TuxedoWedding Ceremony Bride Processional

Family is incredibly important to Sarah and Markus and it was their goal to incorporate new and old walks of life in every aspect of their day. The day began with Sarah relaxing in the spacious bridal suite with a view. She had her sweet pup, Leo by her side to ensure the preparations went along smoothly. Leo looked absolutely dapper in his dog tuxedo and suddenly I felt underdressed for the occasion.

Their wedding party consisted of their brother, sister, cousins, and of course, Leo. They surrounded themselves with this handful of close folks because they mean the world to them and wanted to share in joining together with them.

In remembrance.

Wedding Grandparent Memory PhotoWedding Balloon Memory MessageWedding Memory Balloon Release

I admit it, I lost it a little when I saw how Sarah and Markus incorporated their deceased grandparents and great grandparents. They placed gorgeous picture frames of their grandparent’s photos on the front row in order to remind them and feel their presence while they say their “I do’s.” Sarah also wrote a sweet message on a balloon and released it into the sky. The feeling of peace and serenity were serene as the balloon floated away beyond sight. What was even more awe-inspiring was the fact that the balloon strategically dodged every single tree branch it might have encountered. A sign of good luck for sure.

Written on my heart.

Wedding Groom Handwritten VowsWedding Ceremony Excited Bride

Every. Single. Time. Every single time a couple hand writes their vows, I lose it, fall in love, and feel overjoyed. These two were, of course, no exception. The sweet, loving words they wrote for one another went deeper than reasons for loving another. They expressed how the other has acted as almost a savior and nurtured their heart when they needed it the most. Thank you, so much, for writing these words and for sharing them with us and the world. It is a constant, uplifting reminder of the love shared by couples on their wedding day and throughout their marriage.

Play ball!

Wedding Baseball PlayerWedding Baseball Theme

As a baseball coach, it was important for Markus to incorporate his love of the game. He invited a few of the guys from the team he coaches and their cocktail hour featured a variety of goodies from the great American sport. No ball game is complete without buttered popcorn, salted pretzels, and a juicy hot dog. Fans (wedding guests) were delighted to take a quick break for a snack at the old ball game. I mean, wedding ceremony day thingy.

Swept away.

Wedding Bride and Groom Forest Tilt ShiftWedding Bride and Groom Forest Photos

We stole Sarah and Markus away into the woods. Well, it was more so their idea, but we happily obliged. Just up the road was a gorgeous opening in the woods. This immaculate scenery paired with one of my trusty Russian lenses made for the perfect dreamy, ethereal scene. What you won’t see in the video are the endless swarms of mosquitoes. Itchy, but totally worth it.

Let them eat cake.

Wedding Rustic Dessert TableGold Wedding Cake

The dessert ya’ll. The dessert had me from the second it arrived. The sweet smell of strawberries and sugar infused frosting coated my nostrils and it was all downhill from there. What really impressed me (beyond the incredible display) was the adorable, sweet gesture of making a special cake just for Sarah’s father. You see, he is a rice crispy addict and Sarah had an entire rice crispy cake made just for his enjoyment. Now that’s sweet. Get it?

Well the sun is reclining into is night position and the dancing is coming to an end. Let’s wrap this post up with a few more of my favorite parts of Sarah and Markus’ wedding extravaganza.

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Wedding Polaroid Camera

In lieu of a boring old guestbook, attendees were able to snap a pic with a Polaroid camera, then autograph it to ingrain their smiling faces in the hearts of Sarah and Markus.

Gifts are always appreciated.

Wedding Gift Basket

I like gift baskets, but nowhere near as much as Amanda loves them. Sarah won over Amanda’s heart for eternity with the lovely, thoughtful gift basket given to all the guests. It featured items from Sarah’s home state of Vermont, as well as from the great state of North Carolina. Not to mention, the basket was handmade by Sarah’s dad. Go dad!

Something old and blue.

Wedding Bouquet Bee Brooch

Sarah’s bouquet featured a gorgeous golden bee brooch with blue wings and was also wrapped in a portion of her mother’s wedding dress. It is always a delight to see brides use the elements of their families history to adorn their wedding accessories.

Inn at Crestwood Mountain SunsetWedding Sparkler Exit Kiss

If I could just live in the moment of this mountain sunset, I think I would be just fine. Thank you so much, Sarah and Markus, for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We were thrilled to share every moment by your side and hope this wedding film gifts you a lifetime of memories.


Pros that made this day possible:

Cake/Desserts – Ugga Mugga Bakery
Ceremony/Reception Venue/Catering – The Inn at Crestwood
DJ – 201 Media Productions
Florals – Fuschia Moss Floral Design
Hair/Makeup – Salon J Marco
Photographer – Josh Payne

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Jenna + Daniel

Bay 7 Wedding in the Durham Tobacco District

21c Bride and Groom LoveTobacco District Bride Groom

Oh, what a night! This bay 7 wedding in the Durham Tobacco District was incredible. Jenna and Daniel stole my heart from the first time we spoke via phone about creating their Durham wedding video. Their enthusiasm, engaging dialogue of questions, and desire for a high-quality wedding film showed that they prioritized us as a need to make their day perfect. This always gets me jazzed and helps me to realize the impact I make in folks lives.

Lucky Strike Smoke StackTobacco District Skyline

Jenna, her bridesmaids, and bridesman (more on this later) welcomed me warmly into their suite at 21c and Jenna’s mother insisted I see the view from their balcony. Needless to say, it was breathtaking. We could see for miles and best of all, we had the perfect overlook of the Durham Tobacco District. Of course, I had to do one of my infamous time lapses.

Back to the Bridesman!

Alex was hilarious and brought such a vibrant energy to the group. As a close friend to Jenna and Daniel, it was essential for Alex to be by their sides on the most important day of their lives. I adored this unique incorporation of such a close, special friend and the t-shirt they got for Alex was the icing on the cake.

Queue the tears.

Jenna Daniel First LookWedding Memory Book

After Jenna and Daniel shared a heartwarming first look, Jenna gave Daniel one the most amazing, thoughtful gifts I have ever seen. She created a book, detailing out the reasons why she is excited to marry Daniel. Daniel was kind enough to read a few of the reasons out loud and the waterworks were in full effect for all of us. What a lovely idea to gift your soon to be spouse!

Bridal Party DurhamLucky Strike Water Tower

After drying our tears, we all took off on a nice walk toward Bay 7. Along the way, we hit several awesome spots around the Tobacco District. What makes this location so great is the diversity of spots for photo ops. Everything from rustic to industrial to elegant, we hit it all.

Here comes the bride.

Jenna Lazaro Wedding DressJenna Down AisleDaniel Crying

Jenna is stunning. Her Lazaro dress was elegant and graceful. As she strolled down the aisle, Daniel couldn’t help but fill up with emotion. Here comes the future wife that he will live out his days with her by his side. I know this feeling upon my heart as I felt the exact same way on my wedding day. The overwhelming joy and excitement will tug at even the strongest man’s heartstrings. To top it off, Jenna’s brother, Matthew, officiated their ceremony. Now, it’s one thing to just stand up and speak a few words and formalities, but to hear and see the feeling and emotion behind every word is truly a treat for all who attended and makes our wedding videography job a breeze. What a special way of incorporating your family into your wedding ceremony.

Bay 7 Wedding DecorBrother Wedding OfficiantBay 7 Wedding Florals

With most of the photos taken care of prior to the ceremony, Jenna and Daniel were able to join up with their guests for cocktail hour in the balcony section of Bay 7. This is a great idea if you can make it work within your schedule and allows you the 1 on 1 time with guests without taking up time during your reception or worse, missing out on your meal.

After dinner, we were entertained and enthralled by the toasters. 3 of Daniel’s buddies got up and shared college stories, praises, and even alluded to Daniel being the rightful owner of the theoretical “last seat on a spaceship to survive the apocalypse.” Jenna’s 3 brothers (talk about pressure, Dan) were incredibly tender hearted. They shared their love of their sister and gladly welcomed Daniel as a new, official brother.

Let’s dance!

Groom DancingMother Groom Dancing

Well, there’s nothing left to do now but just dance, dance, dance, dance. These guys and gals were party animals. The dance floor stayed packed all night as Mark from Joe Bunn DJ spun the tunes. Daniel’s parents were a hit! They mopped the dance floor at Bay 7 with their endless moves and boundless energy. We love seeing parents grace the dance floor, but these two were seasoned pros. I can only hope to pick up a move or two for my dance routines.

Jenna Daniel KissingDurham Sparkler Exit

Well, we’ve reached the end of the night. These two are the essence of love and joy. Their day will live on in my heart and hard drives. Congratulations Jenna and Daniel and thank you so much for allowing me to capture your wedding film.

Ceremony/Reception Venue – Bay 7
Catering – Angus Barn
DJ – Mark from Joe Bunn DJ
Florals – Floral Dimensions
Hair/Makeup – Posh the Salon
Photographer – Jessica Arden Photography

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Christina + Shawn

Magnolia Plantation Wedding

**For best viewing experience, press play and then pause immediately and allow the video to load fully.**

It was late October and time for us to capture the moments that would make up our highly anticipated Charleston SC wedding video. This Magnolia Plantation Wedding was everything we dreamt it to be. Christina and her family rented an amazing villa in downtown Charleston which allowed us to capture all that Charleston had to offer. Shawn prepped in the beautiful Mills House, Wyndham Grand Hotel, which also made the perfect backdrop for their romantic wedding day.

Being a Charleston SC Wedding Videographer means knowing it is so important to not only capture what’s happening with the bride and groom, but also the city itself. That Saturday was no exception. The streets of Charleston were bursting with happy tourists and locals alike, and this Charleston Wedding Video captured more than enough footage to tell the story of their day.

At the Magnolia Plantation Wedding, we were amazed at all the beautiful scenery from the moment we pulled in through the front gates. What an amazing venue for Shawn and Christina to celebrate their best day ever. It was such a romantic evening with their entire reception on the Magnolia Plantation lawn, and all of their closets friends and family to celebrate. I especially was drawn to the best man’s toast to the newlyweds. I can craft a beautiful story for any couple, but it only gets more genuine when told by loved ones.

This Magnolia Plantation Wedding video pushes the boundaries of what emotion, beauty, and creativity can do. Upbeat music set to dramatic imagery, with a fantastic story really demonstrates what a great film can do. I had so much fun crafting this story and am excited to share it with you all today. Please join me in wishing Christina and Shawn many years of happiness, and experience the day for yourself in their highlight film.

Ceremony Venue – Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
Catering – Duvall
Ceremony/Cocktail Music –
Cake Designer – Delicious Desserts
Coordinator – Breeze
DJ – DJ Smartz
Florals – Branch Design Studio
Photographer – Two Young Photography
Reception Venue – Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

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