Abigail + Nam

**For best viewing experience, press play and then pause immediately and allow the video to load fully.**

Abigail and Nam wanted to honor both of their cultures, so they ended up having two awesome weddings in two days. The first wedding was to celebrate Nam’s Vietnamese traditions and was beautiful with the vibrant decorations and robes. The food was absolutely delicious and the friends and family shared a lot of love and laughter.

The second ceremony celebrated Abigail’s Filipino culture and was hosted at the Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh, NC. It was quite an amazing and memorable night, not only for Abigail and Nam, but for all of their guests! Abigail and Nam first became close during a hurricane and as fate would have it they ended up getting married during a tornado. They have such upbeat and playful attitudes, which allows them to bring extreme happiness to each other and those around them as is obvious in their wedding video.

The entire ceremony progressed on as planned even though much of downtown had been shaken by a tornado just a few hours earlier. The museum was completely without power, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time and tying the knot.The best part of all was when one of their guest mentioned they had a rooftop apartment with power. So the entire party carted over to the apartment to continue the wedding on the rooftop overlooking downtown Raleigh. What a beautiful and memorable way to celebrate a new found love between two awesome people. Congrats Abigail and Nam!

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David BatesMay 1, 2011 - 2:38 am

Wow! this video is simply amazing. Vibrant color, excellent depth, and best of all a portrait of the two wedding in one without clashing. Excellent Job.

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