Hannah + Zach

Dance the night away at this Milton Rhodes Wedding

Hannah and Zach’s wedding was a night to remember, to say the least. Their day was wrapped in love from friends and family, memories, and endless dancing. We had a blast hanging out by their side, capturing all these amazing memories throughout the weekend.

The day for the girls began at Hannah’s parent’s house. The girls were able to relax while having hair and makeup done in the comfort of their beloved friend’s home. There was plenty of laughter, memorable stories, and beautification. It’s always fun to navigate the unique challenges every space throws at us and we used the generous amounts of sunlight and open den to our advantage for some truly stunning shots of this fun group getting ready.

Meanwhile, Zach and his guys opted for a pad at the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel in downtown Winston-Salem. Of course, there was the useful gut-punching, verbal jabs us guys throw at each other, but a surprising, heart-warming aspect was the kindness shared freely and openly with each other. These guys really have created a strong, brother-like bond with each other and weren’t afraid to share their generosity of compliments with one another.

After the guys got into their dapper outfits and the girls looked stunning as expected, it was time to make their separate voyages to the lovely First Presbyterian Church in downtown Winston-Salem. This wasn’t our first rodeo at this immaculate Church, as you may remember Maredith and Andrew’s wedding there back in 2015.

Luckily I wasn’t the one responsible for capturing Zach’s reaction when he saw Hannah coming down the aisle because I would have totally lost it and bawled like a baby. I put Amanda on that task and like me, she loves it when a groom isn’t afraid to express to love and emotion that wells up, waiting to burst out into tears of joy. Zach’s reaction was absolutely priceless and it was apparent that he has a deep love toward Hannah.

Oh, did you check out those florals?

My goodness, the florals, decor, and attention to detail were immaculate. And guess what? It was all created by Hannah’s mom along with a few other women from the church! You go girls! They successfully transformed both the church and Milton Rhodes into a garden of beauty and fragrant delight.

After they said their “I do’s” and smooched a bit, it was time to make our way downtown for group and couple photos. Anderson Shore picked out a flawless spot full of texture and cityscape. Nice job, Anderson! Of course, I always abuse lens flare when I get the chance, so the setting sun combined with the brick walls made my day super easy.

Let’s party!

I had a strong suspicion this crowd would dance their faces off and if anything, I vastly underestimated them. Maybe it was the awesome band, celebratory spirit of marriage, or a combination therein, but these guys knew how to cut a rug.

Perhaps my favorite part throughout the dancing was seeing Hannah’s grandfather, Herb (love that name), dancing in full tux with stylish sunglasses, a smile as wide as the moon, and his lovely bride, Fleta (super cute) by his side. My heart grew three sizes bigger in that moment.

Whoa, are those donuts, on a platter?

Krispy Kreme Wedding Donuts

Did you get a load of that guy’s reaction upon seeing those donuts! Haha, that absolutely cracked me up, not because of his reaction solely, but because I had the exact same reaction when I saw the waitress round a corner with that shining silver platter of Krispy Kreme goodness.

Is that Jon Voight’s car?

As an avid Seinfeld lover, I about fell over when I not only saw their getaway car but heard the story behind the owner of the car. A friend of the family not only bought a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron but had a legit pencil in the glove compartment that he had gotten Jon Voight to embed teeth marks into. Hilarious!

Ah, and so it comes to an end. This day was pure joy and we are forever thankful toward Hannah and Zach for allowing us to be a part of capturing every bit of it. We wish you many, many years of love and happiness.

The pros who made this day possible:

Band – Crystal Clear Band
Cake – Tart Sweets
Caterer – Fives Loaves Catering
Ceremony Venue – First Presbyterian Church
Hair/Makeup – Carla White
Photographer – Anderson Shore Photography
Reception Venue – Milton Rhodes Center

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