Libby + Richard

An Angus Barn Wedding Full of Emotion and Laughter

Brace yourself for a sweet, emotional, and fun-filled cultural experience.

Angus Barn Wedding

Libby and Richard got married at the lovely Angus Barn Pavilion and they have completely stolen our hearts. Their kindness, sentiment, and ability to let loose and party made for a memorable wedding day and one of our favorite wedding videos in the Raleigh area.

Libby’s day started off relaxing with her bridesmaids and mom at an Air BnB. She was given a lottery scratch off card as a sign of good luck and she managed to rack up a whopping $5. Hey, I’d be happy too. Libby decided to have her bridesmaids wear a traditional school style dresses in order for her to feel like a true queen for the day. They were devoted “servants” all day and had fun helping their good friend celebrate her day.

Meanwhile, the guys tried to hurt each other via ping pong. Seriously.

The game was simple, hit a ping pong ball as hard as you can at the other guy with their shirt lifted up. What could go wrong? I think the kittens caught on to the vibe and decided to wrestle around a bit as well. But don’t let their “manly” exterior fool you, they are all soft hearted on the inside.

One super special touch to their day was the fact that Libby hand-knitted Richard’s tie. How. Stinkin. Cute. Well done, Libby.

Wooden Wedding Rings

Speaking of unique touches, did you get a look at those rings? Notice anything different about them? They’re wooden! That’s right wood rings. What awesome craftsmanship and unique rendition of the traditional wedding ring.


We’ve seen numerous first looks over the years and love how it can be a nice way to relieve your nerves and get some fantastic wedding photos in before the day gets up to full speed. Libby totally surprised Richard with their first look and her excitement was contagious. They loved having this moment together to take in each other’s attire and experience their day to come.

Angus Barn Bride

And this is where I begin to lose it…

Their vows. Y’all. I can’t even. Every word was pouring with emotion, care, and love. Hand-written vows are most definitely my favorite and when written and delivered perfectly without holding back on emotion, it is so powerful. You can truly feel the bond being created and strengthened between these two. My heart swells and I can’t help but share in this moment with tears of joy. On top of that, I always have a tight shot during the ceremony to capture any and all emotion, so I feel as though I am witnessing something magical from a close, intimate perspective.

Wardrobe change

Angus Barn Wedding Ceremony

Libby and Richard wanted to incorporate traditional attire into their day, so they both headed for their changing rooms to swap over to a new outfit. Libby’s red dress was gorgeous, as expected, and Richard’s hat really set off his outfit. Stylin.

After checking out each other’s new attire, it was time for their big entrance. They really made a bang with their choreographed dance. You could tell they had spent hours working on their dance and the result was perfection. Great moves, guys!

After seeing the wedding couples moves, it was time for the rest of the party to join in and break it down to the sweet beats of DJ Randy B. We love working with Randy as he is extremely talented, professional, and always has some snazzy cufflinks.

Let’s roll out…literally.

Wedding Wheelbarrow Exit

This was a first, but definitely not a surprise considering Libby and Richard’s silliness and fullness of life. Richard rolled Libby out through bubbles in a wheelbarrow. Yes, a wheelbarrow. I was dying laughing and loving every minute of it as the illuminated wheel of steel rolled right out of the barn and towards their getaway vehicle. What a great way to end the night!

Libby, Richard, never lose your thirst for life. Live every day to the fullest as I know you will and keep on loving each other to the furthest extents. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day with us!

Pros that made this day possible:

Catering/Venue – The Pavilion at the Angus Barn
DJ – Randy Bennett of Bunn DJ
Florals – The Watered Garden
Hair – Posh The Salon
Makeup – Onloktion Makeup
Photo Booth – Classic Carolina Photo Booths
Photographer – Paul Seiler
Planner – Sally Oakley

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