Shan + Sam

A Raleigh Wedding Video

**For best viewing experience, press play and then pause immediately and allow the video to load fully.**

One thing that really impressed us was all the musical talent that their friends and family had. One of the bridesmaids and Sam’s best man, sang a duet of Jason Mraz. I almost felt like I was shooting a glee episode for a moment. That act was followed up by a beautiful piano piece presented by Shan’s cousin.

It was a beautiful sunny day to match their personalities. Shan and Sam have been cleverly tagged as Sham since their names fit together just as perfectly as their lives. Thanks so much to Shan and Sam, as well as our friend Craig at Luster Studios. It’s always a pleasure working with such great people. Enjoy!

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ShinJune 12, 2011 - 8:10 pm

This was so beautifully done. Love Sam’s fleeting expression at 1:22 and the moment you caught at the very end of the video. Definitely something I’ll look back on fondly in the future… and it wasn’t even my wedding! Major props.

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